About Speaking

Troy Dunn is a much sought-after inspirational speaker who has given hundreds of keynote and half day presentations around the world. From Fiji to Hong Kong and all points in between. From audiences of thousands to boardrooms of a select few. He is a celebrated 5-star speaker who combines humor with passion and always moves his audience emotionally to a powerful place; all while providing actionable strategies and take-aways. Having built and sold a tech company to a larger tech company, Troy is fluent in the organizational challenges facing companies today who are striving to maximize their human assets.

One Fortune 50 CEO summarized Troy’s speaking style this way:

“Troy Dunn is that unicorn keynote speaker all meeting planners seek after- incredibly entertaining while being powerfully educational.”

Topics include:

  • Inspirational Keynotes
  • Leadership
  • Team Re-Building
  • Work/Life Balance
  • Embracing Purpose
  • Strategic Focus

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