About Consulting

This may well be the most confidential area of Troy Dunn’s career, as he is very selective and discreet about the clients he consults. But For those organizations who seek the level of rich content and media branding Troy and his team are able to generate, for those who seek a deeper level of training and influence that drive measurable results with lasting effect, open up a confidential conversation with Troy and his team.

Areas of focus include:

    • Leadership Training
    • Organizational Training Systems/Platforms/Content
    • Media Development
    • Rich Content Creation
    • Branding
    • Digital Media Maximization
    • Social Media Monetization
    • Best-Selling Book Strategy
    • Learning Management System Optimization
    • Media Relations Optimization



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Case Studies for any of the above services are available for prospective clients who have signed an NDA. For a confidential conversation regarding Troy Dunn’s consulting services, please submit an inquiry.

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